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Mr. Viveka Mandal

Company CEO

"The first step is the hardest as life will not serve you the skills or the right path, but chances to develop and grow on your own with power." There is no perfect time to begin anything or do strenuous work as whenever you start it, and you win it. It is all about one's mindset, as the only preparation one needs are their mind and thoughts to decide on their passion and ambition. For me, Ackrolix Innovations is my mindset to deliver the best in the industry and the team. We cultivate and groom skilled leaders with perfection. It began with a clear cut vision and is working irrespective of the time.

Mr. Subrata Sarkar

Company Co-Founder

"Nothing is better than anything, No one's struggle is smaller than others It is life that teaches us lessons, and it is us who decide to recite." There is no small or big in the world, but it is the opposite in the market. The only thing that is the same is the presence of knowledge in one's brain. I believe that everyone has something to teach, and we can constantly upskill ourselves. At Ackrolix Innovations, we work with all kinds of professionals, and whether they are freshers or experienced, we keep training them for self-development. Here we are discovering advanced skills and solutions together.

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